Find your peace in the pain, and move through it.

What seems like 15 versions of Kirk ago, I started this blog.  I found myself.  Found a place of enthusiasm.  Found something that I loved, understood, was challenged by, and could wrap my life around;  fitness/nutrition.

During those years of study, exercise, and various practices, I heard a LOT of fitness mantras.  I heard a LOT of crazy gym science.  And most of all, I heard a LOT of defeatist ethos’ being spread around.  Several stuck with me, and I’ve tried to apply them to my life.  Others I use to this day as examples of “don’t be stupid”.

One that has stuck with me was one told to me within my yoga practice.  This up front;  I really love yoga.  I love nearly everything about it, and wish that I could find an affordable/convenient way to make it more apart of my life, but I digress.  There I was floundering with a particular asana (pose) and wincing from the pain caused by the stretch.  I was fighting with myself, my tendons, my ligaments, and my will power and breathing through tightly clenched teeth.

The instructor came over, placed her hand on my back and spoke quietly in my ear:  “Breathe, its going to hurt.  Its supposed to hurt.  Your body, wasn’t necessarily made to move like this, but it can.  You get to decide what your body does/doesn’t do.  Be the master of yourself.  Don’t let the pressure, the pain stop you.  Feel the pain.  Find your peace in it, and move through it.”

At that statement, I had a crystalline moment of clarity.  That wasn’t about yoga, that was about life.  That was about adversity.  I could reasonably apply that statement to just about anything.

In everything, (but lets pretend we’re only talking about fitness/nutrition) there is bound to be adversity.  The universe provides backpressure to progress 100% of the time.  Back pressure is uncomfortable.  Closed doors are annoying.  Plateaus are disheartening.  “Failures” feel life-ending.  But we can’t let these things stop us.  We must find our peace in the pain.  Accept it.  Don’t ignore it, because its real, it has purpose, its message is valid.  But hear the message, internalize it, find your peace with it, and move through it to the other side.

When I started this quest 8 years ago, I had one young daughter and a pregnant wife.  Now, I have 5 children, 3 jobs, and a world of commitments and I let everything else matter more.  But I’ve grown unhealthy again, my back is hurting again, my nutrition isn’t great again, and I wasn’t doing much to stop it.  I kept letting the pain win.  “I can’t, it hurts.”  “I can’t, its hard.” ” I can’t others are so much better, they’ll judge me”… Then I remembered the quiet words spoken to me by a yogi over 7 years ago.

Find your peace in the pain, and move through it.  Last week I started with a fairly aggressive cleanse, and today I’m starting my own 90dayreboot again.  My life is complicated, my life is busy, my life is annoying, and this causes more pain than sometimes I feel like I can handle…. But, I’m committing (once again) to find my peace in the pain.  Accept it.  Listen to it.  Internalize it.  And move through it.

Today I weighed in at 204lbs.  I have  a PT test in one month, and am living on orders with relatively no distractions for 62 days.  I have no excuses.  I have no reason not to be healthy.  I can find my peace in the pain.  I can find myself in the inconvenience and move through it.









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