a word about “dieting”

So, the 90dayReboot IS a dieting protocol. It is. It has foods you can eat, can’t eat, times you should eat them, its a whole plan. I designed it over the course of several years trying my very best to incorporate EVERYTHING I know/understand about the human body, physiology, dietetics, nutrition, etc. Its aimed to work at all body types. Its aimed to work for MOST people. I believe it to work wonders, as I have seen it do so on myself and have multiple clients that will sing its praises.

I worked with Bob Harper for a time, and he would rave about his protocols and how they were the best. I worked with Eric Carlson for a time, and he would rave about his methodologies. Mine, I believe work equally/just as good/ better than theirs. Its a matter of research, understanding, personal pride, etc. But here is the thing. We’re all right. We’re all wrong. Remember the weak link in ANY methodology is YOU.

I don’t mean this negatively, or demeaningly. I mean it, if anything, motivationally.  See, here is where diets FAIL!, and By ‘fail’ I mean catastrophically.  People like to “buffet” their diet plans, and here is the thing, that just doesn’t work.  Diets aren’t puzzle pieces that fit together well, most of them are whole plans, and the plans work with themselves, but DON”T necessarily ‘play well’ with others.

Allow me to explain:
Say you are on the NutriSystem diet.  You are eating their food, and losing weight, feeling great and loving life – good for you -. But several times a week, the set food isn’t working for you, so you go out.  Tonights, nutrisystem meal was “spaghetti”, so you head to olive garden and you order a SMALL spaghetti, lets say you even ordered it off the children’s menu.

That isn’t going to be the same thing.  Or even a little close.  Nutrisystem works (sort of), but its based off the glycemic index (no I won’t explain that here) and the food matters, not just the serving size, or the calories, but the ACTUAL FOOD ITSELF.  Thats why it isn’t a nutrisystem cookbook, but a food delivery service.  The FOOD matters.  Too many variables to let you handle yourself.

Lets say you are on “The Zone” diet, and its working like a DREAM, but you like to borrow days, and do Whole30 (a Paleo protocol) that is going to disrupt both systems.  See the problem with MOST of todays dieting methodologies is the rigidity of the system.  They allow for so very little wiggle room, that when people wiggle (which they will) they just crack.

There are SO many systems, protocols, methodologies out there.  They are all so rigidly based on a very specific thing.  And here is the trick:  They all work.  If you do them (and if you are the right body type/blood type/personality type to do them successfully).

The 90dayReboot is no different.  I based mine off of protocols that were as universal as I could.  It works great for those that can do it.   But truly, here is the trick to a long, and healthy life.  You’ve heard me say it before:  Health isn’t a hobby, its a lifestyle.

Let me explain.  I’ve known many diet hobbyists.  They cherry pick and buffet from their favorite diets.  They dabble in veganism, paleo, atkins, south beach.  They try every trend and jump on every bandwagon.  From the freeness of antioxidants, to the horrors of gluten.  They commit to none, but try all.  Don’t get me wrong, there is a correct way to do this, but most people just try and get the maximum benefit from the minimum effort.  They are under the impression that the infomercials are telling the truth and that you really can look like Hugh Jackman in the Wolverine, or Marissa Miller in Sports Illustrated in 3 min a day without diet or exercise.  Its a lie.  Its a horrific lie.

Health being a lifestyle means this:  Stop ‘Dieting’.  Build a lifestyle that promotes wellness for you.  Use the tools at your disposal.  90dayReboot is just that.  A tool.  I have tried to build it to be a protocol that is open format.  It allows you to eat the things you “need” while eliminating the things you don’t and better yet retraining your body not to want them.  I try and steer you away from diets that I think will hurt you, either because they aren’t right for you, don’t work at all, or are unrealistically complicated to do.  I’ll try to write up more about diets.  I’ll try to do better at explaining it all.  I’ll even break down what makes 90day better.

But lets start here:  Start eliminating things from your life you don’t need.  Bring into your life things that its missing.  Start with the right ingredients and we’ll work on how and when and how much to eat later.  For now, just cut out the crap.


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