The Myth of Individuality

Okay, so I’ll admit up front, the title was a bit more provocative than was perhaps appropriate. But, it is still a valid point:

You are NOT, repeat NOT a special little snowflake.

So, lets break this down:

Every person alive REGARDLESS of nationality or genetic origin is one of 4 main body types. They are dictated by internal bio-chemistry and are most easily defined by a dominant gland within your body eg. “T” (thyroid), “G” (gonadial), “P” (pituitary), or “A” (adrenaline). Now, COMPLETELY DIFFERENT everyone’s body breaks down fat a little differently into one of three categories commonly known as Ectomorph, Mesomorph, and Endomorph. You ARE one from BOTH of those lists. Then you can throw a dash of individualism, I’m tall like my dad, I’m short like my mom…etc etc.

The mixtures of these two different body type measurements, just like the Myers-Brigs personality test, can put you into a fairly narrow category. However, like it says above… NOT a special little snowflake.

Again, tough love is my thing, so if I’m coming off as a jackass here… cool, I’m on message. A big problem I hear a lot from the people at my gym, or the people that I have trained is this false flag of “well I’m different”, “I have to do what works for me”.

The biggest false flag in the community is “That doesn’t work for me”… *cough cough* yes it does. The single exception being, you don’t have the personal strength to make yourself do it. Not that the diet/exercise/lifestyle doesn’t work, but that you can’t do it, but then say that.

Please don’t misunderstand me here, I know that some things don’t work for people on a PERSONAL level, I get that. I personally enjoy training in an acrobatic, far-less-than-safe manner, as I find it FUN, and therefore more effective. But the overall point remains. Your body is only slightly individual to you. There are honest-to-goodness diagrams and charts that once I can figure out your body physiology can actually TELL ME how your body will break down various foods.

Its absolutely true that some diets will absolutely not work with some body types and others will, in that SMALL way, you are an individual… along with EVERYONE else in your body type category.

Everyone is different, mentally. But physically, its almost funny how NOT UNIQUE we are. Once we figure out our personal cravings and addictions, once we know what our breaking point is, our physiology is VERY predictable. So use that. The metabolism is a machine, its like a car, every type of car is different, but then individually they are all pretty much the same. Learn how to control your car, learn how to be an effective steward over the ONLY BODY you’ll ever get. Stop making excuses, stop taking shortcuts, stop pretending that the doughnuts are better than you.

Health isn’t a hobby, its a lifestyle! Live clean, love your body NO MATTER WHAT SHAPE ITS IN, but know you can ALWAYS push to be better, ALWAYS.


One Response to “The Myth of Individuality”

  1. Suzanne Sawyer Says:

    Also so important to not think that you’re the exception or you can’t start living a healthy lifestyle because of some excuse you think is unique to you (health concerns, life is too crazy now, too tired with the new baby, etc. etc.) or that you can’t start until after XYZ. Certainly those things I listed can make it harder, but there’s always an excuse or reason. I’ve been severely limited with a neck/facet injury the past 4 1/2 months, and before that I had a broken foot, before that complications after Clara’s birth, before that a very difficult pregnancy, and on and on. It wasn’t until I made the decision to just work on what I could, within the physical guidelines my dr. said I could, that I started to feel like I had some control in my life. I don’t care what your “excuse” is. There are always things of a healthy lifestyle you can incorporate. OK, rant done. Loved your post here, Kirk.

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