Worry about your plate.

So, I’ve come across a new “trick” to keep my personal calories down. It might work for you, it might not, but either way… its worth mentioning.

See, the problem is, I CAN EAT. I’ve met very few people in my life that could actually pack away more food than me (hot dog eating champions aside). I can (no joke) eat an X-large pizza by myself and not actually feel overly/painfully full. I can eat, but I don’t NEED to.

The other day, I was seriously busy, running around no time to stop. I kept my schedule pretty well, but there was never any to sit down and eat anything, so my meals consisted of things like a single cup of yogurt, or a handful of trailmix. I was amazed at how these small proportions kept my hunger at bay and actually kept me pretty energized to keep going. But that evening I ended up in a shopping center with an hour or so on my hands and it was about that time (food).

I wandered into a ZPizza (best pizza ever) and saw what slices they had available (1 OLD pepperoni) and I got talking to the guy. Instead of Methuselah’s left overs, I opted for him to make me a small pesto pizza, and thought I’d only eat half and save the rest. That didn’t work out.

I have very little self-control when it comes to food. If I see it, if its there, I can and will eat it. Period. So, since that occurence I’ve been trying something new, and have been finding that it REALLY REALLY works (for me).

I have stopped worrying about what I put in my mouth, and ONLY putting thought into what goes on my plate. If it goes on my plate I’ll eat it. Serving platter piled high, I can finish that. But as I’ve started looking at my plate as meal, it puts you into a new mentality. When you go to a restaurant, try not ordering something big and only eating some of it. But, try ordering off the kids menu, or the appetizer menu. If the food isn’t there, you can’t eat it (physics is funny that way).

Stop thinking about “seconds”. For the time being, no more “seconds” fill your plate calorically to your standards, and then STOP. No extra, nothing left, nothing more, no less. If you worry about your PLATE, it can help you visualize your meals better. It helps you come to a simple stopping place “my plate is empty”. Don’t start off slowly, and then get more, get what you’re going to eat… then eat it.

For the next few days, test this theory. Don’t worry about your stomach, or your mouth. Just worry about your plate. Don’t sit next to a BOX of wheat thins for a snack, but get a cup of them and put the box away… when the cup is empty, you’re done.

Give this a try, I find it’s really working for me.


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