Grant me the strength…

Today’s post has a point, I swear, but I’m EXHAUSTED and my mind is swimming with gobbeldy-gook (that is a technical term) so getting there might seem a little meandering and backwards. But here goes:

Everyone always seems to talk about “energy”. No one seems to have any, we always are looking for more, we can’t seem to stave off our highs and lows, so we’ve come up with all this stuff to help us; Coffee, Guarana, Taurine, ridiculous amounts of B vitamins. They all work, sorta, but in a lot of ways they are part of the problem. Lets talk about your bodies #1 way to have energy…SLEEP!!!

Interesting point of fact. If you have started any legitimate HIGH IMPACT exercise routine, be it Tabata, or Insanity, or Crossfit, or Olympic lifting, and you are not getting AMPLE sleep, you are wasting your time. The bodies true reconstruction and remodeling of muscle occurs during REM sleep. So, lift those weights all you want, but pull too many all-nighters and you’re just spinning your wheels.

We live in a “24 hours isnt enough” society (frankly I LOVE IT, that isn’t a complaint). Our bodies were designed more for a sun-up/sun-down kind of lifestyle. Physiologically speaking, the best thing you could do to be in shape is work hard all the live-long day, then come sundown truly let your body REST/SLEEP/REJUVENATE, but c’mon, the internet is full of cat pictures and they aren’t going to look at themselves (contrary to what you might think, sitting in front of your computer or television… NOT REST).

Wow, I’m off topic. ENERGY. Coffee is working against you. WAIT! WHAT!?!? My morning-nectar? My can’t-get-nothing-done-till-I-get-my-coffee COFFEE?!?! Has Kirk gone ’round-the-bend’? No. Our bodies run off something best referred to in the scientific community as Bio-informatics, simply put, a physiological/chemical chain of events that LITERALLY keeps your body working. A small example:

You wake up on a saturday morning (no alarm), there is sunlight in the room and as your eyes crack open they sting a little bit (pupils dilating). That “sting” was the first domino. The light hitting the cones in the back of your eyes started a chain that will move through your system, it releases a little adrenaline (as do alarms by the way), the adrenaline makes your heart beat faster, makes your blood flow, makes you stomach contract, makes you (blearily) ready to get out of bed. You start to feel a little hungry, a little thirsty, a little…. Yes, all of these are independent systems (hydration, metabolic, cardiovascular, optical, adrenal) but they are ALL connected and are triggered in various sequences… or at least, they are supposed to be.

Lets add Coffee to that. At some point in high-school or there abouts, you discovered the nectar of coffee. It gives you the pep-in-your-step, it helps push you through. It gets you ready for the day faster, it does all these wonderful things…. well… actually…only mostly true. What it did is introduce another domino into the chain. All of those previously mentioned systems are triggered by the previous, but don’t actually communicate particularly well. My point; your body found the caffeine, loves the caffeine, begins to NEED the caffeine in the chain, because it doesn’t recognize that it isn’t “supposed” to be there. Your adrenal gland adjusts its output, because YOU added a free-radical to the system. Your serotonin and nor-epanephrine levels become dependent on this new domino. Take that domino out, and the chain truly doesn’t know what to do anymore. That is the wonderful world of “bio-informatics”

So here we are in a world that demands 20 hours of activity in a 24 hour cycle, bodies that cant remodel if you aren’t sleeping and a pharmacy full of drugs designed to help you get a little bit more out of your day. The problem: physiologically speaking, IT ISN”T POSSIBLE.

Here is the brass tacks of todays post:
— All energy drinks, as effective as they are, if introduced more than sporadically on a case-by-case basis are stunting your system and causing a dependency (albeit semi-benign)
— The only true source of energy is proper rest
— If you aren’t sleeping, many exercise routines are COMPLETELY ineffective!

So there you go, it only took me 700 words to get to my point. Sleep well.


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