Lets Talk about Tier 1

so I don’t like just flooding this blog with redundant information, and I assume if people really wanted to know about the structure and what the tiers are, they’d go back and read my passionate dissertation I wrote at the beginning. However, a reminder of basics never hurt anyone.

Tier 1 isn’t supposed to be hard. Its supposed to be a lifestyle change, and maybe a little “different”. But unlike the lemonade diet or atkins or the like, you shouldn’t be going crazy on Tier 1 as all it really is, is getting your body into the flow of eating more often. EAT! Eat breakfast promptly upon waking up. Then eat every few hours all day long (my day):

5:30am Protein shake (new recipe I’m working with, details in a blog to come)
8:00am oatmeal
10:30am Handfull of wheat thins, maybe some cheese
12:30pm Can of tuna (tablespoon mustard, tablespoon mayo, diced pickle) eaten with wheat thins
3:00pm Greek Yogurt
5:00pm chicken breast steamed veggies
7:30pm protein shake OR cottage cheese

Now, in that this is my 4th time through the 90dayReboot, I’m starting a bit more aggressively than you need to. If this is your first reboot, McDonalds for lunch is fine (by no means GOOD!) just keep it small. Eat a double cheeseburger as opposed to a double quarter pounder with cheese. Keep meals small and often. If you are out shopping and want to grab a costco hotdog, thats fine. Tier 1 is about getting your body burning food throughout the day, and your metabolism primed for working 24 hours a day (something it is designed to do, but PROBABLY never has.

If you are a cubicle jockey (me), or work from home, getting your aerobic/anabolic system up is also super important. During Tier 1 start getting out a few times a week. Light weights/ light cardio just a little bit to get your system revving. I have actually been starting a olympic power-lifting regiment, something I’ve NEVER done before (never been my thing).

So as always, let the comments flow, lets start a dialog. Get me your questions, your progress, lets reboot together (its more fun that way)


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