Happy New Years ( a pre-emptive strike)

Happy monday, lets get started!

Tonight is New Years, which for many of you means late night frivolities, drunken banter and kissing at midnight. For others it means a quiet night in. For me it means Yay!no work tomorrow. But whatever Dec 31, means for you tomorrow is the first of the year and it starts a new opportunity to “get it right”.

As I have said many times in the past, the 90dayreboot actually started as a New Years Resolution. In 2008 I was over 240lbs and very unhealthy. So Jan 1, 2009 I made a few life changes and 2013 is tomorrow and a great many of them stuck. It wasn’t easy per se, its been a lot of work, but I’m much happier now, I feel better and enjoy my life more.

For four years I have spent a ridiculous amount of time reading about weight-loss, nutrition, exercise science etc, and I have come to a single resounding truth: America makes this WAAY TOO COMPLICATED trying to make it simple. Eat these points, drink this brew, carbs are bad, fat is bad, gluten is bad, lactose is bad, meat is bad sugar is bad, puppies are bad (I made that last one up, no one thinks puppies are bad). Its nauseating. The worst part of it is: A lot of these crazy fad diets work, because they latch on to a single premise of nutrition and exploit that single truth. It does work, but it tends to be horribly imbalanced as far as health goes.

A few examples:
Nutrisystem: Based on the measurement of the glycemic index. By measuring a very specific number that is dealt with by your body in a very specific way you can lose weight. Whats wrong with it? Nothing, EXCEPT: The glycemic index isn’t like calories, or fat. It isn’t a number that is easily accessible to the public, and isn’t particularly easy to calculate on your own, or on the fly. Nutrisystem works, but its making you a slave to their pre made food system to keep it “easy”/

Atkins/Southbeach: Yay for Carbohydrate deprivation!
If you have the specific body type that reacts well/poorly to carbs than this will work GREAT. If not, it’ll sorta kinda work.
2ndly, your body’s prime source of glucose is carbs. And for all the whining about how bad glucose is for you. YOUR BRAIN RUNS ON GLUCOSE!
Seriously not a metaphor, your brain seriously operates on glucose. We need other nutrients for other systems. But the captain of your brainship is a glucose loving fool. If you deprive you body of carbs, you will very probably lose weight… and an often noticeable level of brain function (usually by way of attention span, fine motor function and higher function thinking)

Weight Watchers: Its just complicated. This has these points those have those points. Come to a meeting. Take a binge day. I do know it is the most successful program in history, and that is because it works. And in the “Health is not a hobby, but a lifestyle” department, its great… because weight watchers is a lifestyle.

The Zone: somewhere between Nutrisystem and weight watchers. It works, but you either have to do lots of math or buy their food. It definitely works, and the science is pretty solid. It just isn’t “easy”.

and I can spend days talking about Paleo, Gluten free, Vegetarian, Vegan etc. If you have questions just ask.

Let me break it down into the simplest terms I can possibly bare:
Find out your prime caloric intake (hundreds of online calculators and apps) Mine is 1800(ish)
Spread those calories evenly across 6 eating times throughout the day between 2-3 hours apart. Mine;
5:30am – 300
8:00am – 300
10:30am – 300
1:00pm – 300
3:30pm – 300
6:00pm – 300
TOTAL – 1800

Now, those numbers to most are not particularly realistic. More for social reasons than logistical or physical reasons, but reasons none-the-less. The calories are not mandatory, the TIMING IS. So my actual day looks like this.

530am – protein shake – 160
800am – oatmeal – 290
1030am – clif bar – 240
100pm – lean cuisine – 320
330pm – trail mix – 250
600 – varies – 500
TOTAL – 1760

At all of your eat times… EAT. Eat something. Handful of peanuts. Wedge of cheese. Minimum of 50cals and maximum of whatever keeps the system working. Yes there are calories that are better at different times a day. Yes, there are foods that will keep you fuller and help with energy. However, thats making it complicated. If you eat like a hobbit, 6 meals a day, Making sure to keep you metabolism awake and pumping and your max calories in check, you WILL lose weight and/or feel better (generally speaking).

Join me after New Years for the much anticipated post “What are calories anyway?”


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