its the most wonderful time… of the year

*bmmp *bmmp Is this thing on?

So, its been a minute. A lot of factors contribute to my absence of late… most of them injury based and keeping your spirits up and working out when walking is a major effort is just a buzzkill. So, I took a break… from kind of everything. I took a break from thinking like a responsible adult. I took a break from thinking that food was important. I took a break from my whole healthy lifestyle… and it shows.

I was released from physical therapy a little over a month ago and have started training again. I got a job at a local gym and have a few clients a day. Nothing crazy time consuming nor difficult. I also started training myself again… and boy do I need it.

But fortunately for me, this all happened at the MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR!!! No, not Christmas (my least favorite holiday) But new years. The Holidays in general are a pretty miserable time for health. From mid-october – New Years making it a week without someone giving you garbage you feel semi-obligated to eat is nearly impossible. Then the problem becomes you LIKE the garbage and want to eat it.

The average American gains 15 lbs from October through January each year, and here is the kicker: The average American only loses 5 lbs in their annual weight-loss push. So, if our rudimentary mathematics serves us correctly. We just learned that the average American gains 10lbs per year… and studies done by several universities have shown that is exactly what is happening.

****Interesting point of fact. In the 1980s the average American white male in his 30s weighed 170lbs (that is averaging ALL heights and ages in the 30s range). However, a follow-up study done in 2012 showed that the average weight for a white American Male in their 30s is now 196lbs. We as a nation have grown 26lbs heavier in the last 30 years (yes, I know there are at least a dozen ways to interpret those numbers).****

But its The New Year! And that comes with both good and bad.

The good: This is essentially the first time since Oct 1 that we don’t have a major eating holiday on the horizon. In fact, just speaking in general non-religious USA terms, memorial day BBQ is really the next major eating event (and not even everyone does that). Yup, we can really “focus on us” now, as there isn’t a big thing coming for a minute (eat well at Valentines day and we really don’t have a problem)

The bad:: ITS THE BEGINNING OF WINTER!!! I love going outside. I love trail running, hiking, kayaking, swimming, surfing… etc etc etc. They are great forms of exercise, they are excellent for metabolic health and weightloss, and you can do absolutely NONE of them in January (without being a little extreme). So the best time of year to prepare for your beach body… is actually the WORST time of year to prepare for your beach body. (Unless you live in SoCal.. in which case…. i don’t like you)

Anyway… back on track. I am kicking this off again. Not so much officially a 90 day clock as done previously (that starts in march). But an overall getting healthy for the new year kick. This time as well I am specifically focusing on “alternative health concerns”. I have a client right now with a knee replacement, another with a funky type of heart disease that causes her blood pressure to rise and fall erratically. I am up 20 lbs and still a little injured. My wife is pregnant. My friend just had fairly major surgery. An internet client of mine has a strange nutrient deficiency that requires supplimentation and causes lethargy. All of these require a little TLC and special conditioning.

My posts will be focusing on big picture general health, nutrition and workouts. However, I’m going to do my best to focus on people that have special conditions. So if you have a condition that I’m not covering… POST IT! or if that is a little to out there. EMAIL ME:


3 Responses to “its the most wonderful time… of the year”

  1. I’m so excited!

  2. Ugh, that’s prettying how I felt these days. I sooo want to get my life back in order, now that my baby will take a bottle I may actually make it to the gym. Of course I had big plans of hitting the gym during the break while Matt was home only to realize I had destroyed my gym shoes by using them to garden…don’t ask me why. Of course the only decent shoe place is a good 30-40 mins away. So I guess I’m stuck to at home activities. Got any new ideas?

    Here’s my special health issue: lupus. It kicks my butt, leaves me feeling exhausted. Zaps my energy quickly when I do anything slightly strenuous, causes me to get sick more frequently, and some meds I may take may cause me to gain weight.

    • Kersten,

      I typically don’t like to just hand things off to other sources. However, with my new push to expand into special populations, I have to hand off to people far more expert than myself.

      I read a few articles and blogs about lupus and what it means and I think this one does a fantastic job of explaining each variation and concern.

      The only part I want to specifically emphasize is in the first question:

      Do whatever you can do consistently. If the exercise takes you out of the game. The it did no good. One off fitness isn’t useful. Find something you can do. And enjoy. And do it consistently.

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