Like a phoenix from the ashes.

As many of you know (and very likely many of you don’t) May 16th of 2011 I reported to Basic Training in Fort Jackson South Carolina, I joined the Army. This was coincidentally almost EXACTLY the 90th day of my last 90 day reboot. I spent 9 and a half weeks being ridiculously UNDERWHELMED by military training and then 13 weeks in Advanced Combat Correspondent school (Army Journalist).

While in my school I sustained a moderately severe injury to my lower back/pelvis/hips. Not going to lie, VERY PAINFUL. For months I tried to work through it myself. I went to a general practitioner, and he recommended stretching and ibuprofen (idiot). Then I spent 3 months going to a sports chiropractor, then 2 months going to yoga and massage therapist. None of this had any affect. So I bit the bullet and tracked down an orthopedic spine specialist. He took a look and referred me to a highly specialized rehab/physical therapist. For 3 times a week for the last seven weeks I’ve been pushed, pulled, twisted, stretched, shocked, prodded and abused…. and I’m starting to feel like myself again.

Last week I was cleared to start running and going to the gym again, something that I had tried to do countless times, but mind numbing pain seems to really cut the “fun” out of working out.

Anyway, I’m just blabbing, let me get to my point:

I am RIDICULOUSLY out of shape, and still in rehab – its gross.
Natalie is 6 months pregnant – and already stressing about getting her body back
My dearest friend is undergoing a surgery to help with persistent weight problems.

90dayreboot is going to starting again. But this time, we are taking a phoenix approach. In the past with the last 3 cycles it has always been geared HEAVILY on standard health and weightless. That will still be the underlying mission of the 90dayreboot, but this time: Lets get restorative.

My runtimes are out of whack and I’m in danger of failing an upcoming PT test. I need to push myself harder than ever, but all the while accommodating for injuries, modified workouts.

Natalie who has a WHOLE SLEW of medical problems to include pregnancy/recovery is going to be dealing with a recent C-section.

My friend will be on a prescibed diet on top of fairly massive invasive surgery, needing a reboot in a whole new variety.

Join with me again for this 90dayreboot as we explore MODIFICATIONS. Working through it/past it/above it!

Lets get working.


2 Responses to “Like a phoenix from the ashes.”

  1. I am on the same boat now. I am not allowed to go to the gym or physical therapy. Working on eating healthy at least. I know we both can do it!

  2. Exercises are the only things that are keeping my back tolerable. I hurt bad when I get out of the habit. LET’S DO THIS!

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