its a question of timing (NOT PERMISSION TO CHEAT)

Abraham Lincoln in his autobiography told the story of a nightmare he had as a young man:

In his early teens, while living on the vast property of his parents he wanted to go off and camp in the woods.  But his father wanted to make sure he was aware of all of the safety issues and concerns of being in the unsupervised forest.  So while spending weeks specifically teaching him of the animals and plants of the region he had the following nightmare:

He awoke in the middle of the night in his camp and the fire had dwindled to embers and he heard something in the woods.  So he stoked and added additional wood from the pile he had gathered.  His selection caught quickly adding heat and light to the surrounding area, but the creature in the woods still seemed to be closing in, so he added more of the wood.

This too, caught quickly.  The fire burned bigger and hotter, crackling and popping but the light it cast wasn’t bright enough to either illuminate the predator, nor scare it away.  So he added the last of his gathered firewood, hoping it would be the final straw.  Alas however, it wasn’t.  The fire rose a bit, but much too quickly returned to its previous luster.  Within minutes it seemed the fire was growing smaller and smaller, still warm, but no longer bright and ALL of his firewood was gone.

As the heat started to subside, he realized that it was still the middle of the night, the air was crisp with cold, the creature was still in the woods, and he had no more firewood to get him to the morning.

When people use the term “burn calories” it isn’t a metaphor.  The process by which fire burns wood is the same process of your body burning calories.  In fact, calories are a measurement of energy, not food as people often assume.

Now whether its literal or metaphorical, we wake up each morning with a stack of calories, the amount our body needs to keep us bright and warm throughout the day.  The first mistake people make, is they don’t stoke the fire in the morning.  They run off artificial highs, like coffee or sugar.  They force their body to burn muscle and derive energy from hard to process sources.

However, the equally bad, and equally common thing people do.  Throw ALL of their calories on their fire at once.  They go to lunch and eat 3,500 calories.  More than they need for the day.  But just like Abe’s story, that doens’t mean their body will just use them as they need them.

It processes (or attempts) all at once.  Your blood sugar spikes, your energy goes up.  Excess is secreted or turned to fat and 3 hours later your body is still in need of more.  Because that is just how it works.

If you keep the fire going, it will burn.  It will burn constantly and consistently.  Fat will melt, you will have energy, better focus and be generally happier as all of your bodies systems are working together.

But if you start starving, or binging the metabolic system, the dominoes will fall.  Your brain which run on blood sugar isn’t going to process clearly.  Your glands will do their best, but wont absorb/secrete the right dosages of things in the right sequence and time and all of this leads to general mishealth and fat.

Eat.  Eat small amounts, constantly.  Keep the fire burning.  Feed it good fuel with food.  Keep it stoked with exercise.  Its about timing.


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