Make it yourself

So, I hate the internet.  We’ve had a few service interruption over the last few days.  Coupled with the “out of service” nature of my laptop… blogging has been a little problematic.  But I’m back.

So as all my friends will attest:  I don’t cook.  I don’t follow directions well, I don’t do step by step, I don’t like precise measurements and I don’t like cleaning up.  But let me cut through the himming and hawing and say:  Being healthy REQUIRES cooking for yourself.

When I lived in LA or visited the hipster side of NYC finding a place to eat that didn’t offend you sensibilities was fairly easy.  But in the rest of the world, if you want to KNOW you can eat it, you have to KNOW what all is in it.  There is nothing wrong with a hamburger.  But a hamburger is too general a term, with far too various a preparation regiment.  This leads to vast uncertainty of its caloric contents.  For example a Big Mac has 540 calories, a 5 guys Bacon Cheeseburger has 920.  Fried chicken isn’t the best for you, but even that isn’t as easy as yes or no.  A chicken breast at KFC has 360 calories but Popeyes has 440.

To be the you, you want to be, you have to learn to make your food.  No one hates this more than me.  But there are some tricks.  For example:  Don’t start with foods that with long preparation requirements or multi-level cooking needs.  Start with things you can name the ingredients of off the top of your head and understand how its made off the bat.

I absolutely LOVE Rueben sandwiches.  As I’ve said many times:  Why did people keep inventing sandwiches after they had tried a rueben.  It makes very little sense to me.  But most of the places that serve reubens serve them to you in a pool of their own juices and a smearing of thousand island that easily tops 1000 calories.  Arby’s makes a very reputable fast food version, but even that comes in at 700 calories.

So, I bought some Nature’s Promise Rye (80 calories per slice), some Hillshire farm’s pastrami (60 calories per serving) some sauerkraut (5 calories, its just stewed cabbage) some NICE swiss cheese (70 calories per slice x2) and threw it on my George Forman (my Christmas from Natalie) with a light blessing of thousand island dressing (about 20 calories).  So now for 385 calories, I’ve had a Reuben.  Is it as wonderful as the greasy catastrophes found in diners served by a dude named slim… no, but it scratches the itch, and I don’t walk out feeling 10 lbs heavier.

Plus, as many people who have done massive changes to their diet can attest:  After a while your taste buds change.  No one on the planet drank more Coke than me when I drank Coke.  Now, the smell of it makes me gag.  With a little training, foods get their real tastes back, you just have to train your body to stop looking for the sugar, butter, fat and preservatives.


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