What about taking a “me day”?

There is so much written about the “me day”.  So many nutritionists and gymy people say they are a necessity.  In fact, when I first started my first 90dayreboot 3 years ago, a dear friend and current blog reader insisted to me they were inevitable and necessary.  Let me go on the record:

I disagree.

Are you going to have bad days, sure.  Are you human prone to the failings of temptations, of course.  But planning out a day to eat whatever you want every so often (like carbs on weekends or other nonsensical plans) makes as much sense as saying “it isn’t cheating if you are in a different time zone”.

I don’t want to say it again, but here I go: Health isn’t a hobby its a lifestyle.  Your body is a well oiled machine (or at least is should be).  Introducing garbage into the gears and mechanisms of that machine is NEVER a good idea.

BUT KIRK!  What about Birhthdays, Parties, Christmas, New Years, Thanksgiving, Arbor day, Presidents day, Tuesdays?!?

There really is something to be said for special occasions.  At a birthday party should you have a piece of cake? ABSOLUTELY!  Going out to dinner with friends and everybody is ordering desert, sure (split one).  Big holiday dinner like thanksgiving and Christmas, EAT, its a celebration.  But if you work in one of those offices that ALWAYS seems to have left over sheet cake from its “pick a random coworker day” remember, its your body, its working for you.

Your body is a mechanism of habit, if these one-off days of satiation are abnormal, they won’t even register as a blip in your metabolic process.  However, if you can schedule them, so can your body, and that is not a good thing.  Bioinformatics are amazing little things that run your entire body, get them working for you and its all gravy from there (but really healthy non fat good gravy.)

The best part about all of this, as you train your body more and more to eat the right things, you’ll want the wrong things less and less.

But KIRK, what about being sick!?!

I’m so glad you asked.  I just spent two days in bed violently ill.  I certainly couldn’t exercise, I could barely move.  DON”T COUNT CALORIES IF YOU ARE SICK!  DONT PUSH YOURSELF IF YOU ARE SICK!  SLEEP IF YOU ARE SICK!

So many people (as it is our advertised culture) gobble down symptom suppressing drugs and soldier on.  Good for you, STOP IT!  Your body needs rest, it needs fluids, and needs vitamins.  Drink some juice (thats right, liquid calories, I’ve gone nutty) and stay off your feet.  Allowing your body the time and resources it needs to fight off the plauge will only help you bounce back faster and stronger.

So, I’m sorry dear friend that is currently reading this that used to live down the street from me in Los Angeles.  But I think that the “cheat day” argument holds absolutely no water.  My mind, my body, my will, they belong to me and I say deep fried twinkles have no place inside.


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