Just say YES!

So, I am human.

I know, shocking information.  And even worse, I am injured, out of shape and most of all lazy.  I love to run, I love to run long and I love to run fast, but right now I can’t make it around the block, so I don’t see the point in running at all.

I have been needing to go to they gym to up the ante on my little home workouts for days.  But once again, I’m injured, I won’t be able to come close to doing one of my high energy exciting workouts, so why bother.

I’m trying to find some basic motivation and for some reason the massive ugly gut upon which the keyboard is resting is not motivation enough.  However, its about to be.


When I finish this blog, I’ll stand up go to the car and go do the 15 things I’ve been neglecting.  Sure I’ve been eating well for several days now, but outside of some aggressive stretching and “walking” I have been slacking.  Let me level with you: THIS WON”T WORK FOR YOU EITHER.

Health is a LIFESTYLE.  Eating well is and essential part of it, but not even close to the WHOLE ENCHILADA.  You have got to get up, you have got to get out and you have got to get moving.  There are solutions for your office, your home and you place of play.

There are options to activate EVERY lifestyle.  So lets get active.  This gut isn’t gonna get rid of itself.



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