It DOES matter!

We all do it.  Every last one of us has a day where they eat too much.  We weren’t thinking, we got distracted, we didn’t know just how many calories… etc, etc, etc.  I’m not going to cut strait to “thats fine”, but I will say “It happens”.  The next part is the part that destroys people and their diets:

“Oh, well, I had that chocolate cake yesterday, so a slice of cheesecake today won’t throw me off any more than that”


The metabolism is a creature (not really a creature, just an analogy) of habit.  If you live your life by a light and healthy style and you fall off the wagon occasionally, EVENTUALLY, those things won’t matter.  But, if everyday you have a slice of cake, because you did yesterday… well, now thats a habit, not an exception.

I don’t like writing the same things over and over, but on the off chance someone is new and didn’t go back and read the original concept:

The 90dayReboot is called an metabolic overhaul because we are resetting the standards.  We are resetting your heart rate, food intake and calorie count.  We are taking a precedent set over years of bad social protocols and poor habits, and rewiring a system that is set by the bodies bioinformatic and actual needs.

So today, tomorrow, and next week… IT DOES MATTER.  so you had a bad day yesterday, ate 3 scones at starbucks, grabbed the red velvet “muffin” from work.  Well, that was yesterday.  Today, you don’t do that.


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