first real day

So, yesterday, being a sunday and New Years day was a little bit of a “fake” start.  I still got myself rolling, but today we began.  For the next few weeks my schedule will be a bit erratic, I go between having several days off to working LONG hours.  I’m committed to blogging everyday, but I can’t make any promises to its schedule or regularity.

The problem for nearly everyone in “dieting” is the systems, the counting, the math, the regiment or whatever you want to call it.  Its hard to live your life bound to rules that take the fun, variety or carefreedness out of it.  But as I’ve said before:  Health isn’t a hobby its a lifestyle.  One of the intended purposes of the 90dayreboot isn’t to force you into counting calories, or to regiment your life twords or away from any particular food or type of foods.  It is to train your body and your mind to WANT what in NEEDS and WHEN it needs them.

As I said yesterday, this is Tier 1.  No need to harshly count calories, just be aware of them.  No need to cut things from your diet, just retrain your body to eat more often instead of more quantity.  Ultimately we are going to train/retrain our bodies to want GOOD calories, GOOD fats and GOOD sugars.  We are going to find ways of exercising that don’t FEEL like exercising (unless, like me you want them too.)

This is YOUR 90dayreboot.  We are going to cater it to your schedule, your lifestyle, your needs and your goals.  Lets get with the program!


6:00am ~ Breakfast shake
8:30am ~ Clif Bar
10:45am~ Yogurt
1:00pm ~ Chicken salad sandwich and fruit
3:00pm ~ fiber one bar
6:00pm~ Chicken Artichoke sandwich from Panera Bread
8:30pm ~ Glass of hot chocolate (its quite cold)

All in all a day under 2000 calories.


One Response to “first real day”

  1. Hot chocolate is okay?? 😛

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