Day 1 – what was your breakfast

so, Typically Sunday is my day of rest.  However, this being day one, I didn’t want to kick-off then go absent.

Breakfast, it isn’t just for clever 1980’s commercials anymore.

Fat production and overall weight is a product of your metabolic rate.  Your metabolism is set by several different factors but the main two are resting/active heart rate and food intake.  When you let your body go hours,and hours, and hours without putting any fuel in it, the furnace goes cold, and stops burning.  You need fuel in the fire if you want it to burn!

So, NEVER be hungry! Inversely NEVER be FULL.  That bloated feeling you get after a hugely satisfying meal, is your body saying “WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO WITH ALL THIS?!?!” Keep fuel in the furnace, consistently and systematically.

The big problem for a lot of people with this, is that pesky breakfast.  It has been 8-12 hours since they ate last and that gnawing hunger feeling happened when they were asleep so they didn’t know it.  By the time they wake up, their body has stopped ringing the hunger bell and so they no longer feel particularly hungry.  In fact in many cases, as a defense mechanism their stomach has contracted and released signals telling their brain it’s full, so eating isn’t particularly an appetizing idea.

They jump up, they drink a cup of coffee and rush to work maybe grabbing something from the vending machines mid morning or worse yet, waiting till lunch.  In a world where dinner is 6-8pm and the first meal of the day is 10-11am, Americans are consuming the entirety of their 3000+ calorie per day diets in a little over 9 of the 24 hour day.  Do I really need to explain why we have a fat America?

That many concentrated calories packed into a narrow timespan, does detrimental things to your metabolism and basic bioinformatics.  If you did NOTHING but spread your caloric intake over the whole day, not cutting any foods you want, but just reassigned when you took them in… MOST Americans would lose weight, and for most of them it would be a significant amount.


I know, I get it, I’m not really all that hungry in the morning either, but science is science and you NEED to eat.  So, my solution.  Go and buy a CRATE of a breakfast drink.  SlimFast, Muscle Milk, Kirkland Signature Weight-loss Shake there are many options and keep one on your nightstand.  When you wake up, fit snooze on your alarm and drink the shake before rolling back over and going to sleep.  If you’d prefer a piece of fruit or breakfast bar, thats fine.  I’d just warn agains PopTarts or other particularly sugary pastries (but thats just me).  Try to make it at least 150-200 calories.

So, lets talk an average day should look like (also translated into Hobbit):

6:00am ~ Alarm goes off ~ drink a shake (Breakfast)
Take shower, get dressed, prepare for the day
 8:30am ~ Eat a small/medium breakfast. (2nd Breakfast)
This could be a few scrambled eggs, a bowl of oat meal, a  pancake or two, some fruit or a bowl of cereal.  Just something to keep the stomach open and burning.  If you are already on your way to work (or at work) their are portable options, get creative.  This is when FIBER is a good idea.
10:30am ~ Small snack (Elevensises)
Don’t over think this.  A small granola bar, a handful of nuts, an apple.  Not a meal, jut something for the furnace.
1:00pm ~ Lunch (Lunch)
Your  LARGEST meal of the day.  Still don’t go CRAZY, but a burger and fries, a nice sandwich a serving of lasagna, this is your opportunity.
3:30pm ~ Snack (Mid Afternoon Tea)
Trail mix, Clif bar, more nuts, whatever.
6:oopm ~ Dinner (Dinner)
Socially this is a large meal as well, but remember that your body is going to sleep soon and so your metabolism is going to be dropping significantly.  Eat, but don’t gorge.
8:00pm ~ Bedtime snack (Supper)
Something small, slice of cheese, maybe some nuts or veggies.

This is just day one, so I’m not going to go crazy.  But that is the road map, happy journey.


2 Responses to “Day 1 – what was your breakfast”

  1. diana banana Says:

    have you tried intermittent fasting?

    • No, I haven’t. I only recently become aware of it and its studies and benefits. I just know it wouldn’t work for me. Hunger and I don’t get along at all. I haven’t been diagnosed hypo/hyper glycemic, I just know that more than 6 hours without food and I get a headache and become nearly unbearable.

      They do say that cleansing the system with fasts can be very beneficial, but also, all my research with metabolism and bioinformatics strongly implies that low dose food in consistent intervals is the “way to go” but I’m not a dietitian only a nutritionist.

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