The Humiliation of Fat (Happy New Years!)

Lets start the New Year off with being honest.  Every one wants to look better.  No matter how good you look, no matter how much better you may look than some other people, the vast majority of people are always on the hunt to look better.  Eight months ago (infact RIGHT at the end of my last 90 Day Reboot) I quit working out entirely.  I went into a job that had massive control of my life, from my diet to my schedule and it really wasn’t possible for me to maintain any degree of program.

I went from running 4-6 miles per day and spending HOURS at the gym to running a few miles a week and eating nothing but highly fatty garbage.  For a while it didn’t matter, my metabolism was sooo over cranked I maintained.  But. that only lasted so long before my muscle atrophied and fat came FAST!  My back started hurting, I didn’t have the energy I had, I wasn’t happy with the way I looked anymore, but mostly… the feeling of my clothes being tight and my gut flopping over my belt was literally humiliating.

Now, I’m under no delusion that I’m obese, nor that I’m even half as heavy as I was, but that isn’t the point.  We cannot compare our physique to other people like that because, frankly, there will ALWAYS be someone worse than you, just like there will always be someone better.  I’m no longer happy with me, and that is really all that matters.

By the time the job let up on my schedule it was November, and I was looking down the barrel of the holidays.  Turkey, cider, stuffing, cookies, pies, more cider, candy canes, roast…. you get the point.  On May 16th I was very near my final goal.  Now it is 7 months later and I feel like I’m at ground zero.

This is my fault.  I forgot the cardinal rule of health living:


I got lazy.  I got complacent. I got injured. Now I’m paying for it.

It all ends now!

We’re gearing up for a new 90dayreboot! TODAY!  Tier 1 starts now.  JOIN ME.  Lets get started.





You will begin taking inventory of EVERYTHING you eat.  Don’t worry too much about doing anything about it.  Just start noticing what/when you put something in your mouth.



NO MORE LIQUID CALORIES (except for meal replacement)

EAT BREAKFAST (you have 20 minutes from the time you open your eyes in the morning)


Your heart is the center of your metabolism.  Get it pumping, if only a few minutes a day.


RUN (or walk, but TRY and avoid ellipticals or treadmills.  God gave us the ground and it works best)

BALANCE IS THE CENTER OF LIFE (exercises that involve balance do a lot more for weight loss than people give them credit for.)

It does start to get a little more complex in Tiers 2 and 3.  But lets start slow, don’t want to lose you.


May 16

Do this with me.  I will answer questions, I will take phone calls or emails, I will be your gym buddy and your trainer.  I’m sorry I disappeared 7 months ago.  I won’t do that again.

me at present


One Response to “The Humiliation of Fat (Happy New Years!)”

  1. Okay, I’m trying this again. I’m healthier and stronger than I was a year ago. I’ve mostly recovered from the damage from getting so sick last pregnancy. All systems are go! I’m even going to be doing a yoga class 3-5 times a week. I wish I had a personal trainer and a gym membership, but then I’d also have to figure out how and when to go. Does “Yoga on the Edge” sound like a decent way to get my exercise to you?

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