But Kirk!  Its december 13th, New years is almost 3 weeks away.


New years resolutions are kind of a joke.  They are typically ill conceived gestures thought of between 10:00pm and midnight on Dec 31st and people really wonder why they fail by Jan 7.

I designed the 90DayReboot from Thanksgiving to Christmas of 2008 but didn’t start to January 1 of 2009.  By working myself up and preparing myself for the diet and regiment to come, I set myself up for as much success as possible.

Its only the second week of December.  You still have 15 holiday parities, a Christmas eve feast, a Christmas day feast and your body weight in sugar cookies and icing to consume.  Starting a diet now would be the worst possible idea.  But, start taking inventory now of what it is exactly you are eating.  Because come January 1st we have 90 days to get you back to the person you were supposed to be.

The average American gains 8-15 lbs between Thanksgiving and New Years, and on the flip side, most americans only ever lose 5-8 of those pounds.  Doing the math?

I recently entered a program for a six months that was remarkably restrictive in diet and exercise availability (I’ll go more into that in January).  Long story short… I gained over 15lbs and injured my back fairly severely.  My exercise now has to be modified, and my lifestyle has to be readjusted.

Join with me on JAN 1.  We are going to Reboot.  Together.  Epic



  1. YAY! It’s Kirk. Oh how I’ve missed you! Since I’m prego I won’t be going full force w/ you, but my goal is to not gain my usual 40+ lbs. So far I’ve been doing ok. I’ve only gained about 2 & I’m almost halfway through. However, my laziness has got me eating a lot of crap lately, so I’m also working towards making meals again, and getting in some more of that healthy stuff. That way, when I do have this baby, it will be a lot easier not to have to completely change my eating habits.

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