And so we begin…

So this is my 2nd swing at a 90dayreboot online and my 4th swing overall.  All have been remarkably successful in achieving my objective, but right after this last one, life got in my way.

For those of you following along, which several have already told me they are, check in with:

The cafetateria doesn’t open within 20minutes of me waking up.  So breakfast as I have previously done isn’t possible.  However,  it does open 2 hours after I wake up, making it perfect for my 2nd meal.  I don’t have tons of space for food in my room, and I have no means of refigeration, so my breakfast will have to be small, non-perishable and semi-palatable.  I have a large container of protein powder, a shaker cup and a sink… at least till I think of something better, a scoop of protein and water will have to suffice as my breakfast.

As for my breakfast, I think I Navigated the cafeteria rather well.  I had an egg white omlet (yea, we have an omlet station) with peppers, mushrooms, onions ham and cheese, at an estimated 280 calories.  A bowl of oatmeal with raisins, coconut and a pinch of brown sugar, and lastly a small bowl of cottage cheese mixed with cherry yogurt.  I completely avoided the pastery cart and the corn pops to have a wonderful breakfast high in protein and fiber.  If I was forced to guess, I’d say my breakfast came in at about 500-600 calories and a healthy amount of all my categories..

I did steal a small carton of chocholate milk from the cafeteria (I’m playing it fast and loose with the word ‘steal’, smuggle is a better verb) and will use that to mix with my protein powder for my mid morning snack.

This morning I stretched as best I could in my “quarters” or “cell” as I’ll laughably refer to them as, but tomorrow I have my heart set on running a few miles.


Thats my update.  I’ll try to start getting pictures up.  But I’m posting in stolen minutes here and there and adding pictures is a slightly more time restrictive enterprise.


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