So this will be interesting…

So, for reasons I can’t go in to, I can’t tell you where I am… other than to say Maryland just north of DC.  And for reasons I can’t explain, I can’t tell you what I’m doing… other than to say “working”.  But I will say, the project I’ve been on since May and will be on until November is taking over far more of my life than your typical 9-5.

I have next to no control of my daily schedule.  I have nearly no control of my daily diet.  And I have very limited control of my exercise regiment (mostly due to schedule).  However, I’m 208 pounds after maintaining 190-195 for over a year.  This radical increase is absolutely not acceptable, I don’t care if this is the best paying job I’ve had in a while.

So, I have to do something about it.  I have to exercise every last bit of control I DO have to get my body back.  But while working in a program where all the answers are given to you, and almost no wiggle room provided, pushing against that wiggle room is often difficult, embarrassing, and troublesome.  However, this is a matter of principle.  I can’t let this stand.  Not after all I sacrificed, to feel as good as I use to feel and look as good as I felt I looked.

So where do I start.  First with the schedule. My day starts at 4:00am and I’m limited to the confines of my room until about 4:30.  So going on a run, at least first thing is out of the question.   A few times a week I’ll be able to break away a little, but keeping things simple, lets say it isn’t going to happen.  I WILL at least in Tier 1 stretch adequately every morning.

Second, food.  I’m allotted 3 very specific times to eat.  What I eat is fairly limited to A) whatever is in the cafeteria or B) whatever delivers.  I can get pizza, chinese or chicken delivered, but none of these is a particularly savory option.

The cafeteria isn’t all bad.  I can get a hamburger (not a great option), I can usually get some baked fish (probably going to become a regular for me).  I can get a sandwich (just cold cuts an bread, nothing too amazing) Then there is the entree of the day.  Today it was stir fry and rice, yesterday sausage and peppers.  Usually fairly healthy, but often with a dash of grease and fat (like fish and chips day).

There is a fully stocked salad bar that I have been loving.  However, at the end of said salad bar there is every dressing you could imagine and I need to figure out how to just say no to blue cheese.  Because, lets fact it;  nothing is healthy when smothered in blue cheese.

The biggest problem I’m going to have is the time frames.  As anyone who has followed this blog can attest, time is a big factor.  I am given ample breaks throughout the day, but a starbucks esque coffee shop is the only place I can grab a snack.  This is both very limiting; muffins, biscotti, fruit, sandwiches and expensive, sure I don’t mind spending $3.50 for a parfait one day, but 2-3 snacks a day will kill my budget.

So, I start today.  Here is my day 1.  Last time I did this it was in a grand fashion of having it fairly planned out and knowing the how, what, where and when.  This time however, I’m rolling with the punches.  I have NO IDEA how to pull off what I’m about to try.  I’m using my wiggle room to its fullest take back my health.


2 Responses to “So this will be interesting…”

  1. Good luck! You remind me that now is an excellent time to re-attempt to do this. What’s the first step, again? Eating every 2-3 hours?

  2. I’m there with you. I’ve just started getting back into cutting out all the crap. When we moved it ruined everything 😦 I have been, I believe, 3 weeks w/out a caffeinated beverage. Though I have had to have 2 small sodas on 2 occasions when there was nothing else available. This week I’ve been working on sugar.

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