90 Days Later – How did we do

It’s been 90 days.  I have lost 10 lbs, went from a 19% body fat to a 15% body fat, as well as feeling and looking a lot better.  Did I reach all my goals?  No.  But I also spent my tier 3 living on a couch and eating out 3 meals a day.

Now, I’m not making excuses.  I’m not done.  I’m staying on track, and so should you.  As I said day one.  This isn’t a get thin quick scheme.  It was never going to be “over”.  But in 90 days you can reset your habits.  And in many ways I have.  I’m still planning on redoing my tier 3 when I get back to Orlando and can buckle down and get my system back into a regular time frame.

But overall, I’d say I scratched the surface of success.  How are you doing?  How did you do?  We still going?  We giving up?  Are we drinking a 640z Coke at disney world while loosening our belt?  Check in, send me your after pictures.  Hip me to your scene.  Or, if you want to wait on the after picture till after my re-done tier 3.  I get that too.


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