I like what I do… Is that odd?

So, today on the way home from surfing, I got talking fitness.  A friend of mine is on the path to a healthier self and was asking questions.  So, I went into my line of questioning, figuring out what was what and where she stood.  I did my rundown of changes and adaptations to diet and exercise, but half way through it all, I had a personal revelation:  I was having fun.

I really do enjoy this stuff.  Now, I’m aware that this probably isn’t news to most of you.  Anyone who blogs daily, reads constantly and is as obsessive about this stuff as me, better be enjoying it.  But, it really was kind of news to me.  I am seriously looking forward to my crossfit kick that I’m doing when I get back to Orlando.  I’m crazy excited to start my next certification and I love feeling good physically, mentally, emotionally and dare I say spiritually.

Health isn’t a hobby, its a lifestyle.  Being thin isn’t a chore (getting there can be) its a decision.  Movies stars aren’t sculpted because they are lucky, they are thin and sculpted because they work hard, sacrifice tons and live life in a way that is conducive to being in America’s top 1%.  It is hard, constant and sometimes taxing.  But so, so, so worth it.

I love food, more than I think anyone.  I love butter, grease, fried foods, fluffy pasteries and things covered in icing.  But more than I love any of it, I love feeling like this.  But even more, I can only imagine how I will love feeling when I’m ‘done’ (which I have no intention of ever being)

not a semon, just a thought.


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