GIs do it right

So I was hanging out with a few military guys this past week, one in particular who had just returned from Falusia (sp?).  We were talking fitness and workout plans and it was determined (by me mostly) that I should accompany them to their next trip to the gym.  That was thursday.  I’m still in unbearable pain.  He worked me into an unbelievable frenzy, destroying my arms and back.  Why can’t I find people like that in Florida?

The next day, another friend of mine (former hockey player) said “Hey, I’m going to do my skating drills, whanna come?”  I figured, why not… its just skating.  Now, I also can’t move my legs.  Then, it be being saturday, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to go surfing today.  So, now, with arms that won’t extend, a back that feels like I was massaged with a meat tenderizer and legs that won’t support my weight… I’M GOING SURFING!!!



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