A Royal Workout

So, I get to the gym I drop my girls off at the Kid’s Club. I head to the tread mills for my cardio, I step up for a run, look ahead and all 9 television on the wall seem to have nothing else on, but Kate and William’s Royal Wedding. I mean it; all the TV but one (that was playing Charmed)seemed to be covering something about the English wedding. Is nothing else happening in the world this week end and why do we as Americans care so much?

Don’t get me wrong I plan on watching the wedding. I am not getting up at 5:00 AM to watch it live. I will pick up a half hour recap later. My issue is that the American media is making my secret guilty pleasure a whole lot harder to hide. Come on people a war was fought so that we don’t have to care about the royal family and now we care more than anyone in England does. 

I am also way to susceptible  to media. After watching English love birds all morning I am now in the moon to watch the A&E version of Pride and prejudice or something by Elizabeth Gaskell. 


One Response to “A Royal Workout”

  1. i’m not cynical towards it, i just don’t see what the hoopla is over the whole thing. i mean, i do, but i don’t.

    apparently your secret guilty pleasure isn’t as uncommon as you may have thought; this is the second blog i’ve commented on about the royal wedding and i didn’t even know it was happening today until mentioned it on facebook yesterday.

    nice comment about us fighting just so that we didn’t have to care about the royal family any more.
    although, aren’t we a lot more interested in things when we aren’t forced to be?

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