Popular People

Piper woke up this morning with a runny nose. Understandably, the kids club at the gym won’t take runny children. I suppose I could have just wiped her nose and sent her anyways like so many other mothers do. But, I resent them for doing that and in order to continue that healthy unrestrained resentment, I have to stay home when my kid is sick. 

So I tried to do my workout at home today. After spending so much time at the gym, I now feel like a loser exercising at home to a video. All the pretty, popular people are at the gym. OK, they are definitely not all pretty. But, they are all popular or specifically they are now more popular that I.

Don’t get me wrong very seldom in my life have I been accused of being popular. That is why I can recognize loser when I see it in the mirror and this morning I saw it. I need get back to the gym. Pretty soon I am going to lose  my “Gym Cred”


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