have you missed me?

So I drove around for about an hour today, just trying to find Free WiFi.  Is it just me; or shouldn’t wife be ridiculously abundant in a place like Los Angeles.  Either way, here I am.

The last two weeks have been crazy stressful, and I’ve been fairly off my game.  I have tried to exercise everyday, and for the most part I have been sucessful.  This morning I surfed, yesterday I went to the gymnastics gym and spent an hour on the floor, ropes, mats and high bar and a few days before I hit Santa Monica pier/muscle beach pretty hard.

Either way, I have gained a few lbs in my LA couch surfing.  Maintaining an eating schedule while NOT maintaing a living/working schedule is crazy difficult, but I’m still up to the challenge.  The end of the 90 days is coming up.  But I know that at least for me, I’m going to extend a few days when I get home, so I can have a full 90 on track.  Cheating?  Maybe, but as I’ve said:  Health isn’t a hobby, its a lifestyle.  I never had any intention of completely stopping the 90dayreboot anyway.  Now, I’ll just be strict a little longer than originally planned.

The one thing I do like about LA, is the ample food opportunities that are amazing.  Great fresh food, organic produce and amazing local fare, I do love it.  I’ll be sad to go home in a few days, BUT I miss my family something fierce so it will be nice to see them again.

So, I really have decided that gymnastics based workouts work great for me.  Not just because they are remarkably effective, but because their is an additional payoff of being AWESOME to do, and a major sense of accomplishment when pulled off.  A nice guy at the gym yesterday helped me for about half an hour on the high bar coaching be on my kick over and kip up.  I never plan to be any kind of competitive.  However, just trying to impress myself is some pretty hefty motivation.

What motivates you?  What gets you wanting to workout in the morning?  And lets all assume that there is a certain level of aesthetic motivation for us all, so that doesn’t count.


2 Responses to “have you missed me?”

  1. Sarah Hoopes Says:

    Since you’ve asked, I used to hate to exercise and now I hit the gym almost every day (leave Sundays out and one hit of miss once in a while). I decided that I was going to give a gift to my body daily. It has served me so faithfully and so well for 42 years, it is about time that I start giving something back, not just food that tastes good, but that is good for the body and not just thinking of exercising, but actually getting there, doing it an being better for it.
    Thanks for all you both having been posting, it has been refreshing to read it. I check it every day.
    My love to your whole family,
    Sarah Hoopes

  2. I love looking good. I know you said that isn’t a really great motivation but every time I think that I don’t want to go running I notice some new muscles in my body or how trim my waist line is getting and it gets me onto the street.

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