“Exercise” The best Prescription Ever

Since I started working out  I have noticed how much happier I am. I didn’t know that I was that depressed before, but in comparison to how I am now I know I was depressed before.  I seriously haven’t felt this good since I was seventeen. (if ya know what I mean) If I keep this up, Maybe I can be one of those very chipper, energizer bunny type old ladies that never dies.

This really is a good motivation to keep up the exercising. It keeps me off Prozac. It also makes life better and safer for those around me. “Exercise release endorphins. Endorphins make people happy. Happy people don’t kill their husbands… they just don’t”


4 Responses to ““Exercise” The best Prescription Ever”

  1. The chipper old ladies aren’t the only ones who never seem to die. just look at that old lady in Anne of Avonly or Aunt March from Little Women or Lady Catherine from Pride and Prejudice. Those are the kind of Old ladies I see in you.

  2. I was totally going to say something when we saw you – but I didn’t know if it would bother you – because, no, you didn’t seem depressed last time we saw you – but yeah, you did seem a lot happier this time – glad you’re feeling the effects!

    • I am at a loss to understand how seeming happier would be offensive.

      • well – the first factor is that I’m crazy 😛

        I dunno, I guess I was thinking it could seem like the backhand compliment kind of thing – “oh you seem so much happier” could be interpreted as “boy were you a downer last time I saw you” (not saying that)

        Anyway, now that I write that I see how paranoid it sounds – apparently I’ve been hanging out with some judgy people or something 😛

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