The Most Supremely Awful Day

It is days like this that help me to understand why some animals eat their young. I woke up this morning to my children screaming at each other. I am not sure where she learned  it, but Piper is now in the ‘hair pulling’ stage. My kids are usually good little girls, but no…  today it was one thing after another.

I was barely into my workout and got called to pick up my kids because they were out of control. I had to go to the post office and once again I was the poor mother that everyone was judging for not teaching her kids right. And, how do I know they were Judging me? Because I am usually the one judging others when is happens to them. And it is just like in the Bible. When I judge, I get judged.

My kids were screaming and pulling hair and when I told them they had forfeited their treats today  Salem screamed at the top of her voice. I am pretty sure even Rosemary Woodhouse wouldn’t trade babies with me today.  Needless to say there was a big lecture and a long timeout when we got home.

I can’t wait for bed time.


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