Gabbing like girls

So today was an interesting day at the gym.  Natalie and I arrived, checked in the girls, went upstairs, started chatting…….. and 90 minutes later we started working out.  All wasn’t lost.  I actually managed to beat myself into the floor in the remaining 30 minutes or our “kids club time”.

But still, I discovered that chatting and gossip can be kinda fun.  Seriously, why should the trainers be the only ones allowed to stare in disapproval, so we decided to try it out on them.  It seems they are really on to something.  I feel we come down pretty hard on Mr. M.  A trainer at our particular gym.  However, if you met/saw him, and how he treats the clientele, you’d realize we’re going pretty easy.

But, today was a day of extensive stretching, core work and massive amounts of stabilization.  I managed to do several handstands for over a minute, a few back bends and even headstand crunches (which really really hurt)

Overall, not a wasted trip to the gym, just a different experience than we usually do.  But I’ve said it before, gotta keep it interesting.


One Response to “Gabbing like girls”

  1. On one of our distance runs last week Adam brought along some flash cards he needed to study for a test he had coming up. I tested him on the flash cards for all but about the last mile. it was so fun and really took our minds off the run.
    just another way to make in interesting.

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