geez, I haven’t been back 5 minutes

So, Im hitting the road again.  I’m leaving friday for a week… probably.  Not probably leaving, I’m definitely leaving.  I’ll probably only be gone a week.

But, the 90dayreboot goes on.  In the interest of full disclosure, I’ve had to cheat on my grain free a few times.  I’ve been running like a chicken with my head cut off and am not making it home for hours upon hours.  So sometimes, I have to grab something when I’m out and a sandwhich tends to be the fastest/easiest/healthiest option.  I go for a salad when I can, but tier 3 does take a ridiculous amount of dedication, which is why its the only “temporary” tier.

I also am excited to announce that I just got a membership to a CrossFit gym.  If you are one of my Orlando readers, ask me about it.  GREAT SPECIAL going on.  But anyway, when I get back from my trip I’ll be upping my game CrossFit style.  It’ll be nice to have someone else coming up with my workouts for once.  Great change of pace.


So, back to an “educational gear” that I haven’t been on in a while.  How are we all doing?  I’m going to assume that many of you have hit plateaus and are perhaps getting (or have gotten) pretty frustrated.  I get it, I really do.  My goal of 185 is taunting me as I hit 190, ramped UP my workouts and went to 193, seriously annoying.

But there are tricks to negotiating through plateaus.  I’ve read of dozens, some work in my experience, some have about as much thought behind them as curing hickups by burying a black cat in a burlap sack by the crossroads in the light of a full moon.  However, Chris Mohr RD Ph.D. (my idol) qualified 4 that I really find effective and have personally worked for me in the past.  So, here they are:


  1. If you bite it, you must write it. Writing down what you eat and drink works.  Do you have to do it forever?  Nope.  But it works.  And usually as a person is trying to lose weight, they start strong and then portions start to increase over time and you let a little slack out.  Going back to a food journal helps reel things back in.
  2. Ramp up your workout intensity. Enough said — walking is great for general movement, but there needs to be more intensity than that several times/week to trulylose belly fat.
  3. Think small. Small, baby steps, go a really long way.  Don’t look at the big picture, but look at what simple, baby steps will help you get to that big picture down the road.  Think about the progress and steps of how to get to your outcome — not just look at the outcome and wish you were there.
  4. Go back to basics. As we are making solid fat loss progress, it’s easy to get a little “arrogant” and try to test the grounds for just how many glasses of wine, how many sweets, desserts, larger plates of pasta, etc can be eaten while still making progress.  Go back to what worked from the beginning … tighten up those reins a bit and then watch your progress continue.


So there it is guys.  Keep in touch, I still have 100 plus of you daily readers, but I’d love to hear whats happening with you.  Check in, tell me how its going, let me know if you need any help.


One Response to “geez, I haven’t been back 5 minutes”

  1. Hey Kirk, just thought I’d let you know that Vicky and I broke through an awesome plateau on saturday when we ran. We ran 8.6 miles, in the heat, with two kids. By the end I had begun just running mechanically. Now when we run 5miles is a minimum, and the increased effort is showing on the scale. I weighed in 9 pounds lighter than my starting weight last weekend, and it is all thanks to you guys getting us involved in the reboot. And just as a sidenote I would say that I am about half way to my goal picture now. Let me know if ya’ll want updated pictures or measurements from us for the site.

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