Many of you have asked for more detail concerning my “Two Week Cleanse.” Like I said yesterday, I use a vitamin program that gives specific instruction as to how many of what I take each day. I started doing this about every nine months after reading an article that went into great detail on how simply keeping your digestive system free of toxins will maintain collagen in the skin and all around create a more vibrant complexion. (it totally works)

There are many good programs out there. I get the whole Food Brand at… you guessed it Whole Foods. I have found theirs to be the best product with the most cost effective Price. Depending on your location it runs anywhere from $12-$16. There are programs that claim to be better, but they run for $40-$60 and I have heard from vitamin guru that there is very little difference.


If you are planning on doing a cleans be prepared for the following:

  • You will very likely feel sick/cranky off and on throughout the beginning week as crap is being dumped back into you system to process out. Stick with it. It is tottally worth it.
  • About the second week you will notice you are sleeping better and have better energy throughout the day.

I am on my second week. I slept better than I have in a long time last night and today my energy has been amazing. I also just plain feel happier about everything.


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