So good to be back.

On saturday I talked about “finding a function whose form you like”.  I have really decided I like going to the gym.  Some days I kill myself, other days I just play around, but I really enjoy the gym.  I really missed it for the last month.  It isn’t that I didn’t exercise, I did.  But it was different.  It wasn’t as intense, as focused or as…. I don’t know, social, I guess.  To use the Nike antage “Training is my Sport.”

Either way, I’ve been back a few days and its super nice to be back in the swing of things at the gym. With less than 30 days left I’m pushing it hard, and its great to have a gym to do that.  I love the DC area, and I can’t wait to go back.  But I really need to come up with a better gym solution when I’m there.

On a diet note.  Paleo isn’t quite working for me.  I’m not “giving up” yet, but I really don’t see it working very well.  I’ve gained 4 lbs in less than a week, am constantly starving and its thrown me way off schedule and track of goals.  I’m fairly convinced I’m doing something wrong.  I’m really only eating fruits, vegetables and meats and completely forgoing grains, legumes and dairy.  But, I’m not seeing the results, nor feeling the effects touted by the paleo fanatics.

I need to do more reading.  I’m sticking to all of the 90dayreboot principles.  The schedule, the calories, the protein the fiber, but by cutting out grains I’m WAY off my game.  eh.

the muscles are growing, but the fat isn't going anywhere.



4 Responses to “So good to be back.”

  1. Hey kirk, I’m diggin’ the gorilla pose.

  2. definitely not the kirk i fell in love with all those years ago…..

  3. Dude, I aim to please.

    Goose, don’t say that! I’m still the same fat film geek at heart!!!!

  4. Sarah Hoopes Says:

    Try the China Diet 80/20. Iti s good. and also look into the combining of the acidic and alkaline foods. You might be canceling out with what you are eating, thus the feeling of starving all the time.
    Just a thought.
    Say hi to Natalie.

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