So, I’m really late to this party, I’m aware.  But Natalie and I, needing a laugh, just watched the Twilight movies marathon style (we’ve never laughed harder).  Its not just that they are poorly written and poorly acted.  Its that the filmmaking is right above deplorable.

However, that is not my point.  My point is:  I’m totally team Jacob.  The benefits v. sacrifices aside and completely displacing that Edward is a tool and Jacob seems to be a pretty cool guy… Edward is a skinny emo boy and Jacob is…. well we’ve all seen the cover of Teen Bop magazine.

Taylor Lautner is also a great example of the age old antage (that I use a lot) “Form follows Function”.  I’m not saying he didn’t have to condition for the role, but he’s been a black belt since age 8 (not doing Karate since 8, a black belt since eight ) and his physique, even in “Shark Boy Lava Girl” displays that.

If you want to look good, be good.  It isn’t about countless hours in the gym.  Its about finding something active you like doing, something you are good at (or not ever) and doing it… a lot.  Hiking, swimming, skiing (water or snow), climbing, martial arts etc.  We live in an age where sitting down for the 16 hours we aren’t sleeping is not only easy, its the norm.  Lets find activites that have a funtion whose form makes us all look a bit more like Taylor Lautner.

Go Team Jacob.


4 Responses to “Inspiration”

  1. Edward IS a tool, and Jacob is far hotter. Good team choice.

  2. hahahahahahahhaha… I really could use a Westwood fix. I enjoyed the books for what they are. And I’ve gone to the theater to watch the movies for the heck of it, but I have made a point not to buy them. All these people who are obsessed with the books LOVE the movies so much! But I’m sorry, I loved the books, but I know awful film making when I see it. I cringed the whole time I watched the first one. Glad they got someone else to make the others, at least there was a slight improvement.

  3. I actually kinda liked the third movie. Although I think it’s because Jacob was topless for a good portion of it…

  4. If you really want a laugh, download the RiffTrax to get Mystery Science Theater commentary while you watch them. That’s the only way Kenny and I would sit through them. Hilarious!

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