Day 3 of my tier 3

So, Paleo isn’t that bad.  The food is okay.  I’ve removed all grains and processed sugar from my diet as well as have cut dairy WAY back to nearly none.  However, I had never noticed just how filling grains are.  Because for two days my calories have been up, but I have been STARVING for 3 days.

Its strange.  I don’t quite understand why.  My protein, fiber and calories are all in the same realm, but I am seriously hungry, constantly.  Outside of that, my workouts have taken a small lull as well.

Yoga, running and basic plyometrics, but I haven’t had much access to weights so, I’ve been without some good resistance.



5 Responses to “Day 3 of my tier 3”

  1. Someone Says:

    The Word of Wisdom says grains should be eaten and for our benefit.

  2. Dear Anonymous,

    I’m all about open for conversation, but attributed comments to a person are appreciated, as we are all friends here, and anonymous criticisms seem unnecessary.

    As for the word of wisdom thing. I totally agree, its why I have absolutely no intention on making paleo a lifestyle choice. Just as I tried atkins and southbeach, I feel that its hypocritical and unfair to speak out against a diet regime if I haven’t researched it thoroughly. Paleo, is the “official” diet of Crossfit. Crossfit is growing substantially in my industry and I want to have a firm understanding of its benefits.

    The word of wisdom also states limited meat in times of famine and cold weather, I’m willing to bet, you’ve eaten a hamburger outside of Nov-March

    Kirk Westwood

  3. worried, yet anonymous…. curious combination.

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