Yoga its raining

So yesterday, I ran 4-5 miles and did a pretty hefty kettlebell routine.  I had every intention of doing a similar thing today, except, well, its raining.

Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t actually eliminated the possibility of running in the rain.  Frankly, I think that might make it more “fun”.  However, I do need to get some exercise, I have to stay ahead of the game and I have no real “equipment” at my disposal.

This is where having at least an rudimentary knowledge of yoga comes in handy.  Even if all you know is the “Sun Salutation” (a series of moderately beginner asanas) being able to stretch and engage your muscles on days you don’t have the means, motive or opportunity for a “intense” workout is great.

Also, don’t get me wrong, yoga is a lot more intense than people give it credit for.  A Yogi I’ve been working with recently (who also does bootcamps and crossfit) made the observation:  You can always “fake” a Crossfit.  You can always “fake” a bootcamp.  Just reach down and give it all you got.  You might not be your fastest, or strongest, but you’ll make it through.  Yoga on the other hand is remarkable internal.  It takes a concentration, muscle integration and focus that “high intensity” workouts lack.  I’m not going to give up on my running and Crossfit, but being able to add some “hardcore” yoga every once in a while really can help round it out.



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