My tier 3 begins

So, I know that I announced tier 3 for ash wednesday.  However, I wasn’t perfectly clear what I was cutting entirely out.  I knew sugar was gonna go, but wasn’t clear on how I was going to implement it specifically.

I’ve been doing crossfit, for a while now and within crossfit is a diet methodology called “Paleo” short for “Paleolithic Diet”.  Simply put: Eat like a cave man.  No unnatural sugars of any kind,  No processed foods of any kind (this includes all grains and legumes as they can’t be hunted nor gathered),  Raw when possible, no dairy.

I’ve been aware of Crossfit for quite some time, however, I’ve had some doubts about its practicality and sustainability.  It’s health concepts are relatively sound, by that I mean not UNhealthy.  So, for the next 30 days I’m giving paleo a shot.  Could be interesting.  Could be annoying.




One Response to “My tier 3 begins”

  1. My friend does both Crossfit and Paleo. She says the diet isn’t THAT terrible, but it’s hard to follow especially when she’s out. There’s only so much salad a person can eat before snapping.

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