The living organism of the “gym”

Every gym is a little different.  The clientele, the equipment, the class schedule.  Despite all being “institutions of higher fitness” no two are exactley alike, not even within the same chain.  The 4 or 5 “24 hour fitnesses” I have frequented have all had their own little atmosphere while all still being “24 hour fitnessy”.  LA fitness is the same, they all have a similar vibe to each other, but nothing like other chains.  Bally’s, Gold’s, Lifestyles, even CrossFit to CrossFit; I’ve been to many and I really like how each gym has a little bit of its own character.  It really helps get into “the zone”.

Recently I have been working out at a rec center,  mostly because it is 1/3 closer than my next best option and its just barely too cold to do too much playground workouts as I did when I first got here.  This rec center is perfectly well equipped, it’s clean, it has everything I need.  But it is hard to get into “the zone” when you could be the grandson (or great grandson) of nearly anyone else in there.  I kid you not, the next youngest person in there was clearly old enough to be my mother, and even she was out of here element on the average age.

It was very odd, they gym was full of little old men wearing sweat suits and caps claiming the ship they sailed with in WWII. I went to sit in the sauna, to escape the crowd of golden oldies to find that adding sweat to the physique of these men really did give the illusion they were melting.  I tried to bury my head in a magazine, but I really couldn’t find anything of interest in the stack of AARP and Colonial Penn mailers provided (so wish I was kidding).

Yesterday I talked about goals.  Today, I will say this:  You should, of course, always be grateful of anywhere that will provide the necessary tools you need for the goals you are trying to accomplish.  However, finding a “groove”, “vibe”, or “zone” that suits your personality is fairly important.  The last few days at the rec center I’ve accomplished very little.  It isn’t because I’m not willing, its just motivation isn’t there (for me).  Whether its a park, a gym, a YMCA or a particular video, find the thing/place that gives you what you need to get the job done.  I promise its out there, just have to look around.





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