30 Days to Go

I have made it to day 60.  I keep asking myself, “Can I just stop here? I am looking good. Kirk is not here to keep me going.” Then the voices (yes there is more than one) in my head start  reminding how good I planned on looking 60 days ago and that I am still not there yet. So, I decided to pull up the picture of inspiration. I have come a long way. I have worked hard and I am proud of how I look.

Not there yet!
60 days ago


But, I think we can all agree I have to really kick it up a notch if I am going to get to this point in 30 days. PAIN!!!!! LOTS OF PAIN!!!! I cringe just thinking of what is a head of me. The problem is that when I am crying because I can’t make it up the stairs after a workout, I don’t have Kirk here to blame. It is so much nicer when he is here to complain to.

I did my  first 30 days learning how to run. My second thirty days was spent focusing on my arms and abs. Now I am adding the lower body. Every day I have to run and do a total body workout. Lets see if I have this in me.


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