Snoody Trainers at the Gym

Either I had something on my face or I was looking hot today, Because I was getting checked out right and left at the gym. It was fun! I even had the most beautiful Libyan guy hit on me.

Anyway! That is off topic. I want to speak on something I know we all feel strongly about: those Snobby Trainers at the gym.(Kirk,  I am not talking about you sweetie) Whereas, I love my gym and it really does meet all my needs, I find the resident trainers a bunch of superior doo doo heads.  Don’t get me wrong there’s one or two that are decent people, the rest are just mean. They walk around in packs like coyotes looking down their noses at everyone who dares to venture into what they consider “Their Turf.”

There is this one trainer who we will call Mike M…. no I will call him M. Mignella. He is the worst. It is not just me; no one likes him. It is kind of funny to watch as whole sections of the gym will clear out when he walks in. You would think he has cooties or something.

Hey! M. Mignella,
It is creepy the way you, not very subtly, stare at me and every other woman here. It is mean that you sometime openly laugh at the poor elderly people. And last of all, that fact that you are so obviously annoyed at every guy that picks up a dumbbell and feel you have to prove you are better than they by glaring at them is only evidence that you have a teeny weeny and you have never satisfied a woman in your life,  so go away you are scaring people.

One Response to “Snoody Trainers at the Gym”

  1. a teeny weeny huh? uh….I miss you!

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