The adventure run


Wall climbing

Well the “Adventure Run” was saturday.  And went fairly well if I do say so myself.  After being completely beautiful for over a week the temperature plummeted leaving ice chunks in the mud slurry, but other than that, all was aces.

I ran fairly well, I wore my “Keen” sandals, assuming there would be a bit more mud than there was, so my running wasn’t as sure footed nor as fast as I would have preferred.  Still, I was able to mantain a solid 3-7th placement the entire race with a healthy lead on the next group.  So, I’d like to say I finished in the top ten, except that in the last mile, through a particularly dense part of the forest, I followed the 3 guys ahead of me, who took us on the wrong trail WAY off course.  So in the end, I finished in the mid teens (out of 102) So, I’m still calling it a win.

I really did enjoy it.  Running in the woods has a far more enjoyable, peaceful quality than running on the street, and is WAAYYY better than the treadmill (a worthless invention).

An interesting moment was, of course when jumping into the sludge to cross the river about 2/3 the way through the race, both of my sandals came cleanly off, leaving me to dig through sludge for several seconds trying to retrieve them.  But still, my time was okay and my placement was adequate, so I can only assume I wasn’t the only guy losing my shoes.


I like slip-n-slides

So, after emerging from the woods we come to a clearing with a large slip-n-slide.  It was pretty fun, or at least if would have been if it weren’t for the FREEZING water.

After the decent down a 50ft slope, we had to turn, run up the hill and into a small tube.  Crawling through the tube and into an icy slurry that made your eyes cross it was so cold.

Really not complaining though, it was incredibly fun and overall I would absolutely do it again!

there are ICE chucks in that



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