Trouble sleeping – Prepping food

It doesn’t quite make sense to me, but for the last few days I’ve been training pretty hard.  Running farther than I usually do, adding high/long jumps to the run and intense intervals throughout.  So, by all accounts I should be sleeping like a baby.  I’m totally wearing myself out.  However, just the opposite is true.  For days now I see the clock strike 4am before I start to wane in energy.  Pretty annoying considering I’m still up at 9ish regardless.

So, I’ve talked on here several times about food preparation and pre planning, but I’ll recap really fast.  Plan your meals (at least generally for the week) then prep your meals (specifically) the evening/night before.  By giving your conscious mind a clearly defined menu for the day it will help dramatically decrease cravings and random snacking.  I’ve also find it helps in the general world of monetary budgeting not just caloric budgeting.

A pretty cool trick I just learned that I think is well worth mentioning is:  Wash and prepare all fruit and vegetables while unloading your groceries (right when you get home).  A) This will get rid of all the organochlorines and pesticides off your produce right away.  B) This makes it so you don’t have to “work” for a healthy snack in the middle of the day;  the celery/apple/apricot/etc will already be ready already (intentional redundancy).

The way to an effective workout is to know what you are going to do BEFORE you get to the gym.  The way to an effective diet is know what you’re eating the day before as well.  We all have the free radical afternoon where we have to eat out, or grab a bite on the road.  But if you can find a way to squeeze some meal/exercise planning in, you are WAY more likely to actually accomplish it.


2 Responses to “Trouble sleeping – Prepping food”

  1. Don’t wash berries ahead of time, especially raspberries or blackberries. They’ll turn to mush.

  2. Good Idea on washing fruit when you get home. Arley always goes for the apples himself, and since he’s 4, obviously he doesn’t wash it himself, surprised I never thought of this before.

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