Running shoe diaries

My Dearest Natalie,

I definitely understand the feeling of loss.  Today I went to help prepare the Wildfire adventures mud run.  It was cold, it was VERY cold and I completely lost the feeling in my fingers and toes.  The race begins tomorrow, but today I spent filling mud slurry pits, barriers, barrels, slip’n’slides and inflatable obstacles.  I would be looking forward to tomorrow with a childlike delight if it weren’t for the cold that cut to my core.

Tomorrow morning I will trudge forward into misery of cold and muddy waters, but my visions of you shall be crystal clear.  Thoughts of you shall keep me warm when the barriers, walls, ditches and nets I traverse set forth intent on robbing me of such.

I recommend you take tomorrow to run yourself.  Go to the park, run the track, stretch well and add push ups and squats at intervals to complete the day.  As you push our girls know that is only a fraction of the weight you absence leaves with me.

Yours Truly,



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