Running Shoe Diaries

My dear Kirk,

It has been days since I have written to you and I know you must be longing for home. Shakespeare wrote, “your absence brings me dream  of you.”

I must say I can understand that feeling. I recently have known the feeling of lost. Last night I dreamed I was with my best friend shopping for Chocolate. We had our baskets filled with all flavors of Swiss Lindt Goodness. Right before going to the checkout I had an attack of conscience and couldn’t do it. Had I realized at the time that I was dreaming, I would have eaten every piece of chocolate in sight before I awoke. I miss chocolate so greatly and am counting down the days till it will once again be apart of my life.

So you see I also understand suffering the loss of something dear to me just as you are suffering for the absence of your daughters and of course myself. Know that I recognize the emptiness you feel and have compasion for you.

All my Love



One Response to “Running Shoe Diaries”

  1. This is hillarious. I love you nat

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