Muscle memory

So, despite trying to change up “what” i do at the gym, fact of the matter is. it’s still at a gym.  This last week, I haven’t gone.  I’ve been working out in parks, the street and trails in the woods (seriously fun) and consequentially, I can’t move.  My exercises aren’t particularly different, but, running on a forrest trail is a completely different experience and micro muscle set than street running, and different still than a tread mill. Pullups on a 4inch swing top bar is very different than a 1inch pull up bar and plyo jumps over a park bench are different than on a controlled, ergonomic plyo box.

My point is, change it up.  I don’t just mean change up “what” you are doing this week.  But seriously change where you are doing it.  The muscles will still work the same, but those inevitable micro differences will not go unnoticed by the fine motor skills and micro muscles that got bored of your workout long ago.

This week, keep it interesting.


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