Crazy, Twilight Zone Kind of Bad Day(you didn’t know Luck could get this bad)

I don’t know what was up this morning, but my Karma/Zen/Feng Shui/Luck was so off. It started out with me waking up way later than planned. Then I spent the morning bumping into/knocking over/tripping over/running into EVERYTHING. I knocked a full glass off the counter. It broke. The girls were uncooperative with getting dress/brush/ fed. By the time I was ready to leave for the gym, I was about 2 hours behind what I had planned. Oh! Wait! It gets better.

After going back and forth on whether I was going to go to the gym, I finally landed on the fact that I didn’t go yesterday and if I didn’t go gain today all of you would hear about it and judge me harshly. (Crazy? I know!)So I pack up my 2 kids and headed to the gym. I hit every red light and had to stop for a train. Piper was being fussy, but there was so much going on I hardly took notice. I didn’t realized that she was getting motion sickness until she threw up all over herself as I pulled her out of the car.

Now, at this point any sane person would have called it a day, packed her back up, and gone home. Apparently I live on the CRAZY side of the park. Instead, we walked down the street to Target and bought a $3 t-shirt, (like I said, I am not that Bright) I washed her up, and went back to the gym. (Oh! Somewhere in there Salem decided she didn’t want to go to the gym but wanted to stay at Target and shop, so she threw a King Size tantrum)

Now! Do you remember me saying that I had been a klutz all morning? Well, that didn’t stop just because I left home. Instead it was just magnified by the fact that I was surrounded  by weights and medicine balls. Lets just say, that poor old man never saw it coming. At that point I finally got the hint and went home. On the way home I had to wait for another train and stopped at all the lights again.


P.S. While writing this Piper tried to put a whole cheese stick in her mouth at once, choked and threw up again… Lovely. Is today over yet? Because, I am done!


3 Responses to “Crazy, Twilight Zone Kind of Bad Day(you didn’t know Luck could get this bad)”

  1. So sorry for your day. I hope it gets better.

  2. I have to admit that this reminded me a bit of when you used to live by us. Is it just me or have your children always had a pronounced gag reflex? I remember when Salem would gag, and throw up when you were pregnant…not good.

    • I had forgotten about that. She would put stuff in her mouth, choke, and then throw up. I was to pregnant to deal with it, so I would cover it with a towel and wait for Kirk to come home to clean it. He really was a good sport about it.

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