Remember the days of the jungle gym

I work at a gym, I belong to a different gym, I go with friends to other gyms.  As it were, there aren’t many gyms or chains of gyms that I haven’t been too, tried out, looked in to, or researched in some fashion.  But, I had forgotten how much I loved the Jungle Gym.

The friends that I’m staying with in VA live literally right next to a small playground.  So instead of trying to find a way to go to some massive chain, I’ve just been walking outside and doing all the stuff they told me not to do in third grade.  But now, I ‘m doing it as fast as I can and in multiple repetitions.





like recess

Don't go "up" the slide!


I did take a full body picture this week, but wordpress is being particularly difficult this week.  So, I’ll just tell you.  I’m up to 194lbs, but I’m running faster, pushing harder and accomplishing things I’ve never, in my life, been able to do.  So, I’m gonna call it progress.

The workout above was last evening.  Then this morning I did a kettlebell workout and ran 8 miles (thats right Kiki, I said 8!)


One Response to “Remember the days of the jungle gym”

  1. You should do it shirtless like Matthew Mcconaughey does.

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