Weekly Stats

Wow “Stats” is a palindrome. How did I never notice that before?

Anyways, it is time for my weekly stats. I must confess. When, I stepped on the scale this morning and was 137, it did upset me, despite the fact that last week  I said I was going to ignore the scale. So, I decided my picture and measurements at least had to be good. After a 25 minute run on the treadmill I hit my core hard. I wanted every muscle in my waist to be tight and synched in for my measuring. The weight got cranked up on everything. I did every ab/core exercise/rotations I could think of. It totally worked. My waist measured in a half an inch less than last week. Am I shallow that a half inch can make me feel so good about myself.

In that Kirk is gone right now I had to take the picture myself. It was not as easy as you might think. Everything kept coming out blurry, which was a total waist in that you couldn’t see the definition I spent all morning working on. Finally I got one that was clear, but with a very serious look on my face. I promise I wasn’t mad when the picture was taken.


Beginning Stats                  Current Stats

5’6 :Height                           5’6 :Height

137lbs :Weight                  137 lbs :Weight

38.5 :Shoulders                 39 :Shoulders

35.5 :bust                           35 :Bust

30.5 :Waist                       28 :Waist

38 :Hips                           37 :Hips



One Response to “Weekly Stats”

  1. You don’t look mad- that’s totally your supermodel face!

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