Falling off the wagon

So, many of you have expressed to me in various ways of “hard days” or “slip ups”.  The fact remains that these will happen.  Anything from being over tired to stressed to ill can make any diet system just too much to bear.

As I have shared, this week I’m back to couch surfing around the country for work.  I’m away from home, away from the system, away from good ol’fashion regularity.  So this weekend when I came accross a girlscout selling cookies:  It was more than I could bare to not grab a box of Samoas (also known by their scientific name, Cookius Betterthansexus)

Slip ups happen.  Some times its a slip, other times a fall, many times a jump with reckless abandon.  But the important thing to happen is not let it sideline the diet.  Having a few cookies (or a BOX of cookies) isn’t good.  But the real problem arrises when later you say “well, I already ate those cookies, so this won’t hurt”.  It will hurt.  Your system is actually designed to deal with the occasional unexpected/unneeded.  But, if you introduce something and keep it coming.  Your metabolism will adjust for it.  I.E.  you will start to gain weight, alter your informatics, regularity and energy level.

Its like Thanksgiving.  The feast on thursday isn’t the problem.  That isn’t where we get “holiday weight”.  If we stuck our feasting to Thanksgiving and Christmas we’d be fine.  Its eating candy and garbage from Halloween to New Years that kills us.  So, I am chalking up this weekend to “overtired/overstressed” and getting back on the horse.


How are you doing?



One Response to “Falling off the wagon”

  1. So while you were binging on cookies…Adam and I were running…running…running.
    We ran a cumulative 15 miles for the week, 5 of which were run on Saturday.
    Yay us!

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