Running shoe diaries (cont)

Dearest Natalie,

I am so sorry that my correspondence was lost in transit.  The horse and rider were lost in the woods and have been dealt with sternly for the delay.  Allow me to resend the letter I sent last evening for your use on the morrow:

I am so pleased to hear you found a pleasant eunuch to keep you company in my absence.  I regret this evening has been a long one and the hour is running late, so I don’t have the time you deserve to lay out an elaborate workout for the morning.  However, I will most certainly give you a brief list of activities to fill the void my absence has undoubtedly left.

Find a corner near the windows, or perhaps a quiet spot in the functional training area away from the presence of “Mike the Terrible”.  Make sure to bring a pair of 8 lbs dumbbells, a mat, an airex pad and a medicine ball, I would recommend for you my love that it be between 6-8lbs, nothing too heavy, just enough that it has some resistance.  Today I include a circuit , which I have prepared with all my love and affection:

Begin with moderate stretching, myfoscial release and aggressive alternating high leg kicks.

Spend 2-3 minutes getting your heart-rate up in any manner you wish, jumping jacks, jumprope or SAQ drills

Make sure you are adequately stretched and amply winded before moving to the resistance portion of the day.

With any form you like touch the floor with your hand(s) and stand all the way up, as many times as you are able in 1 minute, please inform me of the number accomplished as we will keep track of progress.

at the end of the 1 minute, quickly repose onto your mat and do 1 minute of flutter kicks or pikes as you see fit.

Rest briefly if you feel the waning of your strength but then, for 2 minutes use the medicine ball and tap it on either side of you, with both hands, in rapid succession.  These I have

Taking as little time to rest as you can, we will learn a new move called “toe touches”, where lying on your back extend your feet in the air.  Then with the medicine ball in your hands, reach up and touch it to your toes.  Try this for a minute or so, until you feel confident with the move.

Now, with the 8lbs weights in your hands, do plank rows, holding yourself in pushup position with wide feet, pull the weights, one at a time into your chest.  It will really depend how long or how many to do, just make sure you feel it in your abs and core before resigning.

After you have completed this start again, but starting at step 3, touch the floor.  Work through this circuit 3 times, doing variations as you see fit.  For instance you may want to do bicycles instead of flutter kicks, or gymnast rolls instead of toe touches.

Let me know you miss me my darling, but as of now, I am late for bed with a very important day tomorrow.

Your beloved,



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