Running Shoe Diaries (response)

My Beloved Kirk,

My run to the gym today was particularly difficult as the temperature and humidity seem to be rising with each new day. I ran 1.2 miles before I was over taken with the heat. If the temperature persists I fear I will need to confine my runs to the treadmill in the air conditioned gym.

The heat is only a representation of the barren waste land you absence has banished me to. Though I Must say, as lonely as it was, I found I endured my solitude at the gym quite cheerfully and with little pain.

You will be very happy to hear that your quest to have the woman that everyone is staring at was more that filled today; as all passers by watched in horror as I executed the TABATA workout you gave me.  It was however somewhat hindered as I could not execute the Burpees without falling and when I prepared to do the final set with the resistance band it was nowhere to be found. Instead, I replaced the Burpees with a flexed arm hang and I spent the entire last set on the ab machine.

Fear not for my loneliness. I kept great company with the friendly 6’6″  swimmer that flirted with me in the sauna.

All my love,



One Response to “Running Shoe Diaries (response)”

  1. Lol!! You are hilarious! This was so funny.

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